Thursday, 15 December 2011

Magazine and digipak, composition and posing research

Rihanna's Digipak's tend to feature her in a seductive pose of some description. because this plays to the style of songs which she makes, which hinge around the idea of romantic and sexual lyrics.
In this image Rihanna is wearing a revealing top in fitting with her lyrics and song styles, the pose on the left has her leaning back against a wall with one leg raised.

The right image has Rihanna to one side which s more interesting than if she was flat in the middle. The use of warm colours on either side works well for the overall effect of the digipak.

The digipak has an image on either side and a CD in the middle. This 3 leaf cover means she has more room to ad advertising for her other albums (the left side).

Analysis of student digipak.

I have chosen to look at this digipak because I'm really impressed with the layout of it. The back of the digipak is easy to read and relates to their music video but doesn't look like a single. The front of the digipak is very simple but effective. The image looks effective because of the edit that they have used. This makes it more interesting to look at and makes you want to know more about the artist. The images that they've used on the back of the digipak are simple but how they've overlapped them looks effective and makes the back of the digipak visually interesting. It also contains all of the information you would expect to see on a digipak for example, the bar-code, record label and certificate.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


0.00 song starts to play - camera begins upwards tilt

0.01 - 0.10 series of cuts in upwards tilt.

0.10 - 0.15 dark room lighting

0.15-0.32 vicky with colour filter over the top of the video

0.32 - 0.53 vicky in dark room with UV paint lipsynching to music

0.53-0.55 vicky blowing bubbles and reversing.

0.55-1.11 vicky with colour filter, singing. focus on artist. Bubbles blowing in front of the camera.

1.11-1.15 glowstick ball spinning in front of the camera.

1.15-1.25 kynan rave dancing in front of camera with glowsticks and uv paint.

1.25-1.34 Glowstick spinning to create a light effect with bright colours

1.34-1.42 Vicky lipsyncing with UV paint

1.42-1.50 Max rave dancing with glowsticks and UV paint

1.50-1.57 Vicky lipsyncing with UV paint

1.57-2.11 Group dancing in Dark room with Glowsticks to create abstract colours

2.11-2.13 Vicky with UV paint shaking head from left to right at 300% speed

2.13-2.20 Vicky lipsyncing with colour filter outside

2.20-2.29 Vicky dancing in dark room with UV paint

2.29-2.51 quick cuts on beat between two scenes of Vicky, one in a darkroom with UV paint the other outside with a colour filter. Towards the end we also cut in images of Kynan and Max.

2.51-3.15 a scene with vicky lip syncing with a bright colour filter

3.15-3.44 As song reaches an instrumental area, we cut between images of vicky, and the group in the dark room.

3.44-3.48 scene of the glowstick ball spinning towards the camera.

3.48-3.53 Vicky sitting on step with a colour filter

3.53-4.31 (end) we have alot of cross disolves between different scenes of people during our filming process, looking happy or dancing

Directors commentary

Lyrics Analysis

  • The lyrics have a strong focus on sweets
  • There are a lot of sexual innuendo throughout the song. Drawing parallels between sex and sweets.
  • A lot of repetition in the chorus is used because of the backing music
  • The focus of the song is not actually on the lyrics, but rather on the beat, making the song catchy rather than meaningful

Monday, 12 December 2011

Analysis of student magazine ads.

This is an example of some students work. I chose this as an example because it's simple but very effective. I especially like the lighting that they've used because you can barely see the artist but this makes you want to watch the video to find out more. The image is making a statement so I like how they've kept the rest of the advert simple putting all of the main focus on the image. Similar to our theme, they have kept with an abstract theme but used simple text to make it easier to read.

Story Board

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